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Hello!  Allison Acres is a small ranch where we live and raise horses (and sometimes cattle). We've got 20 acres, a nice covered arena, a 20 stall barn, some round pens and pasture. We are in Galt, CA, which is in the Central Valley, about 25 miles south of Sacramento.

My name is Cindi, and you can learn more about me, if you so desire, on my page. I'm the owner of Allison Acres and the horsemanship instructor.  This is my fulltime job, and I'm usually around for whatever my clients might need. 

Primarily we do lessons and boarding and training with an emphasis on the horse's emotional control and being a safe and willing partner.



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Allison Acres
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Allison and Pat on Foal Watch at Allison Acres.
Note the cat prints on Pat.

Yes, we do have exotic breeds! Just look at this one on the hot walker:


Here's an aerial view of our place. It looks a bit different now -
more round pens, some fencing out back.

My daughter is the main rider in the family. She has taken lessons in barrel racing, cutting, reining, western pleasure, working cowhorse, and has studied Parelli groundwork extensively and has also been on a drill team. She has brought along the training on several horses here and I could not do this job without her. 

As for me, the other rider in the family, I used to ride much more, but I was born with hip dysplasia, and over the years it's gotten really bad, and I'm going to have to have a double hip replacement at some point.  If I don't ride, I don't have nearly as much pain, so I mostly don't ride anymore.  I spend most of my time caring for the horses, working on their groundwork, and teaching.  I do love to teach. We have a lot of horses of all ages so we have a great place to learn about horsemanship.

We used to have cattle and that was very fun!


Now we have goats, chickens, ducks, a mini donkey, and a whole bunch of barn cats!

Ten things I've learned since moving here (written in 2001):

  1. Don't take your eyes off the mama hen when you are stealing her chicks.

  2. Don't forget about the placenta you put in the bucket for possible inspection by the vet (two weeks later: what is that horrible smell?)

  3. Even though it makes perfect sense from a body mechanics standpoint, when hooking up heavy duty livestock panels, don't put the mud leg down on your toe.

  4. Don't swing the hay hook into the back of your knee when trying to get a bale of hay.

  5. It's much safer to push bales off a stack than to pull them. Not as funny, but safer.

  6. Don't fart when leading spooky horses who don't know you very well.

  7. After you fall down and get soaked when trying to work the flood irrigation, don't get too close to the hot wire fence.

  8. On a related note, don't forget about the hot wire when you are attempting to pet your neighbor's cute-widdle-cowies.

  9. If your dad digs a bunch of 30" wide by 5' deep holes around the property for planting trees, don't forget where they are. Or don't walk backwards. Or both.

  10. When your cowboy horse shoer asks you if you're riding your riding horses or if you're too busy doing stupid stuff like Parelli groundwork or breeding, just lie.