Dogs who found homes!

Here are some of my rescues who have already been adopted out.  I wish I had taken more pictures of the rest of them!

This is Max, one of my very first rescue dogs.  This picture was taken in 1994.  Max is a chow/retriever mix who was due to be put to sleep at the pound.  Of course, he hadn't ever been groomed, by the looks of him, which is why he's sporting this fashionable "lion cut."  He's 11 months old in this picture.


This is Dusty, a retriever/collie mix.  He's 4 months old here.  Even though he is an adorable puppy, he also was due to be put to sleep at the pound because his time was up and nobody had adopted him.  I was very attached to him, and he was a hard one to adopt out because of that attachment.  There have been several since him who've really pulled on my heartstrings.

This is Sam, a purebred Newfoundland.  I found him at the pound, matted, full of foxtails, claws curled around and growing into his skin.  He also had a severe nutritional deficiency that caused him to hardly be able to walk on his hind legs.  Due to the amount of time he'd been in the pound, and also his physical condition, the workers told me he'd be put down that night or next day.  He was about 3 years old.  I loved this dog!  Oh, how I would have loved to keep him, but of course, at the time I had Sam, I had four dogs -- three of my own and a longterm foster.  Luckily he got a good home as the second Newfie in his family.

I guess it makes sense that the ones I have the most pictures of are the ones I really loved.  This is Coaster/Tucker.  My daughter named him Coaster, but his new owner named him Tucker.  He is a boxer/mastiff mix and about 1 year old.  He also was due to be put to sleep that night at the pound on the day I saved him (which was in June of 1999.)  In this picture he has yet to be groomed.  After he was groomed and given a proper diet he developed a beautiful, sleek, shiny coat like a boxer would have.  His owner brought him to visit me at my adoption showcase and boy was he the flashiest, most handsome dog on the whole block.

This is Star.  She is a border collie, and I rescued her from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah.  Well, I pulled her from Best Friends and found her a home -- I don't know that it can truly be called a rescue since Best Friends is a no-kill facility and she was in no danger.  She is much happier, though, now that she has her own human and family.  I loved this one so much too.  She's a very dominant female with other dogs but so so loving with humans.

This little guy my daughter named Raja.  OK, so he wasn't yet due to be put to sleep at the pound.  He probably would have gotten adopted.  His whole litter was there (11 puppies!) and I was there right at the moment they were put up for adoption.  Since the pound doesn't do much screening, and since I figured it would be a while before all 11 were adopted, I decided that I could probably find this pup a better home and in the meantime provide him with socialization and some early training.  He is a great, great pup, somewhat dominant, but so funny.  He will try to pick up anything, no matter how big -- even things like the couch or a dining room chair.  He thinks he's about 10 times his size.  He got an owner who has friends who compete in obedience with their rotties and they are thinking about doing something with him too.  This is the dog that broke my daughter's heart... I guess it's part of loving dogs so much that we run the possibility of keeping almost every rescue through our heads.  Well, she had it in her head that we'd keep this rottie pup.  I considered it, but I think she needs to show me some more responsibility with our own three before she gets a pup of her own.  I'm looking at her getting her own pup in 2 or 3 years, maybe!

This is Cody.  He's about 11 months old here.  Cody was at the pound, and in fact his leg was already shaved for the IV insertion to kill him the previous night.  The worker couldn't go through with it, though, and the next day I showed up and took him.  He looks a lot more retriever-ish in this picture than he usually does.  Some people thought he was purebred border collie, while others thought border collie/retriever or maybe border collie/spaniel.  He was definitely one of the most well-behaved rescue dogs I've ever had.  He was housebroken, knew sit, shake and down, and slept on my bed every night without making a fuss.  In fact, he's not that much different from any of the other rescues I've taken in.  They are all absolutely fine, wonderful dogs, and I can't for the life of me understand how somebody could have given them up.  Anyway, Cody got a home with a friend of a friend, so I'll be able to see him and hear more updates than usual.

Pepper!  Pepper is a Shih Tzu, possibly mixed with something else.  His new owners say he might be mixed with Bichon.  He was at the pound -- amazing for a small dog of his temperament to still be at the pound past his adoption date.  He is a sweet, lovable dog.  He got the most wonderful home with a family of animals and animals lovers.  Meeting his new owners and learning of their love for dogs and their dedication to rescuing shelter dogs and dogs in need was a wonderful, refreshing experience for me.