Welcome to Allison Acres ~ Galt, CA ~ (209) 224-4304

The After School Program at Allison Acres

  • Learn horsemanship and riding skills with our good lesson horses.

  • Ride and learn in a covered arena and barn, out of the rain or sun.

Horsemanship teaches assertiveness, compassion,
leadership and responsibility!  Plus it keeps kids
active & away from the TV!  :-)



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Allison Acres
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  • $35 using our horse

  • $25 using your horse who's boarded here

Days and Hours:

  • Monday, Thursday, Friday, 4 PM to 6 PM


  • Supervised horsemanship: catching, grooming, tacking up, ground work, riding, for at least one hour

  • Some other activity, such as feeding the horses, filling water buckets, grooming other horses, mucking stalls or turnouts, free-lunging or round-penning a horse for exercise purposes, watching a training or riding demo, observing the farrier or vet

Horsemanship topics that will be covered:

  • safety: holding a lead rope properly, proper position when leading a horse, being assertive, protecting your space, tying a horse, how to walk behind a horse

  • animal behavior: how do horses learn, what motivates them

  • grooming: brushing coat, mane, tail, picking out hooves

  • groundwork: control all body parts, understand pressure and release, establish respect and obedience, de-spooking

  • anatomy

  • identifying gaits and leads

  • fitness: warming up, cooling down

  • feed choices

  • herd interaction

  • tack and tacking up

  • mounting

  • holding and using reins: leading rein, indirect rein, neck rein

  • body position, developing an independent seat

  • cues for walk, trot, whoa, backing, loping

  • leadline and lungeline lessons

  • posting the trot, sitting the trot

  • rail work and pattern work

  • obstacles

  • advanced work: when ready, students can learn gymkhana events, barrel racing and cow working

Who  may attend:

  • The after school program is for kids ages 10 and up who are not total beginners.  This program is great for your child who owns a horse but for whom you'd like some supervision during some or all of her riding time.  (We have lesson horses if you do not have your own horse.)

  • If your child is a beginner, he or she needs to have four to eight private lessons first, before joining the after school program, to ensure his or her safety. 

Please give Cindi a call for more information and to schedule a time to meet.