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Recent pics:

Me and Heath

Kristin and me

Me and my tongue


Disneyland, December 2005


Spring 2004: 8th grade promotion dance

Spring 2004: 8th grade promotion ceremony




March 21, 2004: Allison performs in her first rodeo (in Plymouth, CA)



12 year old birthday party


In her reining outfit, fall 2002:







Allison and the horses, in no particular order:

Allison and Rain taken 10/11/2003


Allison and Rain, summer of 2004


Allison and Midnight
taken 11/3/2002
(now sold)

Allison and Zena
taken 5/21/2002
(now sold)

Allison and Thor
Taken in 2000, I think (now sold)

Allison and Vics Rick
taken 10/20/2002
(now sold)

Allison and Ellie
taken 6/19/2003, now sold

Allison and Jewel
taken 5/23/2002

Ally and Cloudy, at the stallion parade, Jan '03


Ally and Casper, summer 2004 (and Kristina and VeeVee)

Allison and George taken Jan 31, 2005


Allison and Bubba, fall 2004


Allison and Rosie (now sold)


Allison and Gussie, summer '04


Allison and Primo, December '04


Allison and Bo, summer 2003