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Birthday parties at Allison Acres!  Or big groups of any age for any reason!

Want to come have some fun with horses for your birthday party?  We have several experienced safe gentle horses that beginners can lead, groom and ride.  Our horses are very safe and friendly.  Any size person can ride, and we can accommodate almost any disability with prior notice.

This pricing and info will also apply to big groups here for any other reason, such as girl scout troops, office parties, or whatever else.  Any age - we have horses of all sizes.



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Please note, these prices are based on time, not based on the number of riders you have.  There is NO per rider charge.  Prices are as follows:

  • Pony rides, one horse, per hour: $60

  • Grooming, petting before the ride: $15 per horse

  • Farm experience, after the rides, per half hour: $30

  • Second horse for larger group, per hour: $50

  • Pony riding can be split into half hours after the first hour for half the hourly price

  • Tables for cake/food/presents, up to 2 hours after rides: $60

  • If there are kids age 5 and under we will need a helper, per half hour: $20

Depending on how many riders you'll have, you'll want to choose between one or two hours and one or two horses.  We can squeeze in up to 7 kids using one horse/one hour.  The pony rides can be split into half hours also for half the price, so $30 for a half hour more with just one horse and $30 + $25 for a half hour more with two horses. 

Farm experience is always a hit after the pony rides.  We'll go out and see the other horses, the goats, the chickens, the geese and maybe the cats if the kids like cats and aren't allergic.  They can pet them, feed them and learn about their care.  I recommend a half hour farm experience after a two hour riding session or an hour of farm after an hour of riding. 

If you'd like an outdoor table space with chairs for you to serve your own refreshments, that is an additional $60 for up to two hours.  In colder or wet weather we can set up a table in the barn, even in a stall.  Kids seem to like eating their cake in a horse stall.  :-)  There are shade options for when it's hot.  We have two medium and two small tables as well as about 18 chairs.  Feel free to bring more if you like. 

All riders need to have a release of liability form filled out prior to handling the horses.  If you bring kids without their parents, you'll need to have already printed the form and had the parent sign it and bring it with you.  It is available here:

Release of Liability Form

Please print two forms per family so that each family can keep a copy of the form so they know what they've signed.  You only need to bring the one filled out copy to me. 

All riders must wear riding helmets - we do provide the helmets!  Bike helmets from home will not work. 

Some pics from past parties.  As you can see, there are lots of places to get out of the weather, either heat or rain!  Please note, decorating was done by the party people, not by Allison Acres.  We can provide generic birthday decorations for an additional $15. 

Here is a collage of pics from my son's 7 year old birthday party on September 27, 2008:

Here's how we handle the very young, with one person leading and one person side-walking:

Here's a couple close ups of kids on rides: