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Brody ~ 2005 mini donkey gelding

This cute fellow might just be the farm mascot or Daniel might do 4H with him.  I'm currently teaching him how to lunge and drive and he's very smart.



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So far without fail the horses are in love with him.  They nicker to him as if they are all mares and he is their foal.  A couple of the bossiest geldings have really gotten attached, and when he disappears out of their site they go crazy.  Having never had a donkey or a mini of either species I have no idea why this is the case.  Is it his age?  They don't do this for horse foals or two year olds...  His species?  Maybe... He's been here a few days and when he approaches a fenceline there is mass chaos as all the horses rush over to see him.  He shares turnout with Casper, Q and Scarlett, and Q has decided he's HIS donkey. 

From October 27: