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Casper ~ 2000 Appaloosa gelding ~ $6800
Casper has been an outstanding lesson horse in my program for years now but he wants to be in an advanced home doing fun fast stuff. He loves gymkhana, team penning and sorting, trail riding, jumping, and would even love to be an eventer. He was showing in working cowhorse when I got him years ago and he would tune up and make a good cutter for a beginner. He won the all around buckle with cutting horse trainer Dylan Meyer riding him at the Amador County Fair. He's 13.3 hh but very stout. Fifteen years old, barefoot and sound, extremely well taken care of. My divorce is forcing the sale but he's really ready to only do the fast fun stuff. He's done hundreds of birthday parties and has taught hundreds of beginners how to ride but I'm really looking for an advanced rider for him. Email, call or text me. Video below.



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Newest pics of Casper taken July 7 2015

Jumping bridleless

Cantering bridleless

Cantering bridleless

Sidepassing over a telephone pole

Video taken July 7 2015


Video with a student from 2008



Casper does it all:


Casper getting ready for the Fourth of July parade, 2010.  If you know Casper, you'll know how offensive he finds this!  :-)

Casper with Dylan from The Wright Ranch
and a student at the Amador County Fair, August '09

Casper with Madison, June 12, 2008:

Casper with Erin, taken May 18, 2007:

Casper with Jessica, taken May 17, 2007... On the right is Stephanie and her horse Chex:


Here is Casper and our student Alina.  This was taken on November 18, 2005

Casper and Allison, fall of '04

Taken November 5, 2004:

Casper with his "big brother" VeeVee, September, '04:

Uh oh, somebody went to a Parelli clinic:

Casper and Rain, November 1, 2004:

Here he is at the Clements Stampede grounds with Alina, June, 2005:

Click here for Casper's second page of pics
They show him with the big green ball!

Check out the weird color change.  Casper has two appy patterns - leopard and varnish roan.  Varnish roan is generally thought to cause the horse to get lighter, to "roan out", over time.  But look here - these first two pictures on the top were taken in August of 2005, and the second two pictures were taken in May of 2007: