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Casper ~ 2000 Appaloosa gelding
13.3 hh but he thinks he's the biggest horse here!

This is Casper's first page of pics.  He has a second page: click here.





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Casper does it all:


Casper getting ready for the Fourth of July parade, 2010.  If you know Casper, you'll know how offensive he finds this!  :-)

Casper with Dylan from The Wright Ranch
and a student at the Amador County Fair, August '09

Casper with Madison, June 12, 2008:

Casper's videos:



Casper with Erin, taken May 18, 2007:

Casper with Jessica, taken May 17, 2007... On the right is Stephanie and her horse Chex:


Here is Casper and our student Alina.  This was taken on November 18, 2005

Casper and Allison, fall of '04

Taken November 5, 2004:

Casper with his "big brother" VeeVee, September, '04:

Uh oh, somebody went to a Parelli clinic:

Casper and Rain, November 1, 2004:

Here he is at the Clements Stampede grounds with Alina, June, 2005:

Click here for Casper's second page of pics
They show him with the big green ball!

Check out the weird color change.  Casper has two appy patterns - leopard and varnish roan.  Varnish roan is generally thought to cause the horse to get lighter, to "roan out", over time.  But look here - these first two pictures on the top were taken in August of 2005, and the second two pictures were taken in May of 2007: