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Thanks for your interest in lessons for your kids at Allison Acres, funded through your charter school.  What needs to happen is you and I need to talk and determine if I have space open that fits your schedule, in general.  We don't need to set the actual appointments.  We also need to decide how many sessions total over what length of time you'll do.  Some families set up sessions for a two month period, and other families set it up for a whole semester.  We also need to decide if you'll be doing private lessons, sibling sessions, or in rare instances (usually kids who have come for a year prior), group lessons.  That will determine the cost.

Then you'll tell your ES the cost per session, total number of sessions, and the time period, and request a purchase order.  Your ES will mail it to me.  When I receive it, then we can start.  I must complete all lessons before submitting a bill for payment.  This means you won't qualify for any of the pre-paid discounts you might see advertised on the webpage, since I don't receive payment until the lessons are all completed.

I do have a cancelation policy new for 2011/2012.  I haven't done this before but I am very busy now and almost every available session gets booked up.  If somebody misses, I typically have 2 to 5 other people who would have wanted to come during that time period, so it does make a difference.  If you need to cancel and I find out 24 hours before or earlier, you can have a make-up session.  If I hear within 24 and 4 hours of your start time, you can have a make-up session if you pay a $10 fee.  Anything less than 4 hours notice results in a forfeited session.

If you're going to be late, we should probably reschedule if you know ahead of time, since I almost always have a session booked every hour and I won't be able to go over the time into the next hour.  But if you want to come anyway if it's already within 4 hours of your lesson so that you won't forfeit a lesson, then that's fine, but we will almost always still have to end on the hour mark even though you were not here for the whole hour.

I have a policy for the reverse situation also since it's only fair!  If I can't do your lesson and I notify you less than 35 minutes prior to your start time, I'll give you half off another lesson.  This won't be one of the ones on your purchase order since those can't change, but you can pay half price for an extra full hour lesson or you can just schedule a half hour lesson or you can save up since maybe I'll do it to you more than once... ;-)  If you actually arrive here and I'm not able to do your lesson then you get a free lesson.  I do sometimes have my assistant do lessons but mostly it's just me, and things do come up.  If you ever arrive here and I'm not here and your kids are disappointed, please feel free to get out and walk around and see the horses and other animals and play on the playground, and you can always grab some handfuls of hay and feed the animals through the fence (but apples and carrots and the like have to be approved since some horses can't have them.)