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Cindi Long is my maiden name.  For 7 years thru 6/2015 I was Cindi Scoleri.

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<--- This picture is from summer of 2000. 

So, a bit about me:  I live on a 20 acre ranch in the Sacramento Valley where I raise horses and sometimes cattle.  I share this ranch with my parents and my husband. I've got a daughter who's a a freshman in college (YAY for the first semester of straight As!)  I've also got a son who is seven and in second grade.

<--- Here is a pic of me, from 9/05.

As for education, my BA is in psychology with a concentration in biological psych and a minor in science (science for majors, that is, as I was pre-med for a couple of years with plans to go on to a doctorate in neuroscience -- kids and horses took over, though, and now look at me... :-)  I took a lot of research and experimental methods classes, and I worked as a research assistant for a neuroscience professor as an undergraduate.  Then I went thru the multiple subjects teaching credential program at San Jose State University.  I also did all the coursework for a master's in education, but then I moved.  I had planned to finish, doing a long distance sort of thing, but it's just too hard to leave the horses and the kids for any amount of time.  I do hate having to say I have completed some graduate level courses but that I don't have my master's!


<--- This picture is from about 1999

I have a lot of animals.  I have five dogs, lots of cats, 12 horses, plus several more who board here that I take care of. As for dogs, I used to do rescue when I still lived in the bay area (saving dogs from the pounds or from people who were going to give them up or stray dogs, spaying/neutering them, and finding them new homes). I don't do rescue anymore now that I'm in such a rural area. I have opinions on how to buy and take care of dogs; these opinions might help you have a better life with your dog. And of course I love the horses! I also love teaching kids about horsemanship, and I'm quite fond of beginner adults as well.





<--- This picture was taken in 1993 maybe?

As for personality, I'm an INFJ.  You can take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter test on the web here.   I find this test very interesting and informative and accurate, and if you are somebody I know, make me happy by taking it and emailing me with the results.  :-)  I'm also a Pisces.  I don't have much faith in astrology, but everybody always asks, so there it is.  I like science, and I mostly prefer to read nonfiction, but I have read plenty of novels, although not nearly enough classics.  Perhaps my all-time favorite novels are Beloved, Bastard Out of Carolina and Lolita, but it's hard to say.  I'm currently reading Cormac McCarthy's stuff.  Favorite nonfiction at the moment include Beyond Punishment by Alfie Kohn and The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman.

I love movies.  Favorites of mine include Dead Man Walking, Three Kings, Babe and Summer of Sam.  I still always cry during Babe, when the farmer dances for the pig to cheer him up.  I have recently LOVED Seven Pounds, and I think the critics just don't understand it.  :-) 

I also like music, and listen to lots of different music - alternative, country, rock, some hip/hop that my son always has on.  :-)


Thanks for reading!

Mom and son, 12/02

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