Born September 27, 2001

This is his first page of pictures.  For his second page that starts at his third birthday, click here.

For his third page of pictures, which starts in the beginning of 2005, click here.

For his fourth page of pictures, which starts with his 4 year old birthday, click here.



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Age 2 months


In Disneyland, age 3 months:

Age 4 months:

First haircut, age 4 months:

First food:

Five and a half months:



Age six months:

Age 7 months

Age 8 months

Ten months old:

Age 11 months:


Age 12 months

October 3, one year old:



Age 13 months


Age one and a half

Age 23 months

Age 2 years

Age 25 months

Age 27 months

Age 31 months

Age 32 months (and Allison is 13!)


Danny likes to pretend to be Grandpa and sit in his chair.  5/04


Danny makes funny faces now that he knows what cameras are.  7/04

Below, Danny likes to garden. 7/04

Sitting on a pony, two weeks before turning 3 years old in September of '04. 
Maybe one day he'll like to ride, but that day has not come yet.


Danny finally lets me cut his hair. 9/04


Click here for Danny's second page of pics starting with his 3 year old birthday!