The books listed below represent a few of my favorite dog books.  For now this is just a non-clickable list of titles and authors.  All of these books are currently available at  For a page with links to some of these books and many others at, see Dogman's Book Recommendations.

Give Your Dog a Bone
By Dr. Ian Billinghurst.  This book describes how and why to feed dogs a diet  based on raw meaty bones that mimics as closely as possible what dogs and wolves would eat in the wild.  My own dogs were very sick before going on this diet, and after a year and a few months they haven't been sick at all -- no ear infections, no skin problems, no digestive problems, no eye infections.  It's wonderful.

Good Owners, Great Dogs
By Brian Kilcommons.  This is a great book covering all dog care and training topics.  I give this book with most of the dogs I adopt out.

Dog Training in 10 Minutes
By Carol Lea Benjamin.  This is a good book covering training for the new dog or puppy.  It's very slim and packed with ideas and cute illustrations.

How to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days
By Shirlee Kalstone.  This slim yet very informative book will have you well on your way to a housetrained dog, no matter what your circumstances.  Her method is based on crate training, and she outlines steps to follow depending on the age of your puppy or dog and how many hours he's left alone.

Beyond Basic Dog Training
By Diane Bauman.  This is a classic obedience training book, geared toward people who want to compete in the obedience ring with their dogs.  It is my favorite dog book of all time, and I think it should be required reading for all dog owners, even those who aren't going to compete.  The ideas behind the training are very  important.

People, Pooches and Problems
By Job Michael Evans.  This is a great book to turn to if you've allowed your dog to develop problems, but it's also great reading for the new dog owner both for the theory behind the techniques and for a good idea on how to avoid problems developing in the first place.

Second Hand Dog: How to Turn Yours Into a First Rate Pet
By Carol Lea Benjamin.  A great dog care and training book for rescue or pound dogs.

Don't Shoot the Dog
By Karen Pryor.  This book is about reinforcement theory and how we use it, both consciously and unconsciously, in our relationships.  It's important reading.  After reading it you'll understand how you've been accidentally reinforcing your dog's bad behaviors (and your spouse's, and your children's, and your cat's...)  You'll also understand how to properly reinforce wanted behaviors.