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Some feet pictures from April 19, 2008

I have to apologize as I was using my husband's camera that I don't understand very well, and I messed up on a bunch of pictures, so this is just sort of a mish mosh of some before, some after, not all the views... But maybe still interesting.  :-)





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Here are Casper's fronts, 5 weeks out from his last trim.  We almost never see that small amount of chipping at the quarters but this time we have it.  It's not bad, it's just odd since we never usually have any.

Here are Casper's fronts from the other side, before:

Here are Q's feet, before. 

Here are Tarzan's fronts before the trim:

Here are Tarzan's hinds before the trim.  He had an injury to his right stifle and you can see he's been dragging this foot a bit.  He is sound however and there is video uploaded to Youtube showing him loping and taking a tiny jump, taken today after his trim. 

Here is Forrest's hind foot, before trimming:

Here is Forrest's front, after trimming:

Here is Rain before her trim, and this also shows our gravel path:

Rain again and more gravel:

Rain, Jewel and Wren, on our turnout area that's been amended with pea gravel.  I would like to add more.  This is before trimming for all of them:

Here is Rain getting trimmed: