Here is Gunsmokes Coyote, aka "Gunner"

Born 3/1 at 2:00 AM!

Solanos Smoke x Coyote Commanderette
(pedigree below) 

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Gunner bravely checks out the strange white creature (September 11):

Loping on May 27:

Gunner is a big boy! July 10, 2003:

Pictures from when he was younger:

Two pics taken April 12:

Early April:

There is no real birth story for Gunner, because he was born when we weren't looking! His dam displayed no behavioral signs of impending foaling. She had waxed up two days prior so we were checking every hour, but we usually wait until we see that they are in stage one by their behavior before monitoring non-stop. And her behavior never changed. Pat went out and she was fine, sleeping as usual at about 1 AM, and then Pat went out an hour later and there was the foal, struggling to get up already. Even though thankfully most mares foal without complication, it's still good to be there when it's happening in case there needs to be an intervention. But alls well that ends well!

Two hours after being born:

First successful nursing, about 3 hours after birth:

Later that morning:

One day old:

These next pictures were taken on 3/6, so he's 5 days old in them.