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The First 2005 Allison Acres Foal! ~ Cloudy Doc Otoe x Gussie Badge

Foaled at 9:15 AM, January 31, when I went inside for 15 minutes
just to get a piece of toast, after a whole night of vigil!

Sorrel and white tovero colt ~ barn  name: Curious George, or George for short

Below is his foaling story and pics from his first couple of hours. 
Click here to see pics from day 10.



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Here are two pics taken April 18, 2005.  George is almost 3 months old in them.

George's sire is a fantastic reining horse who's still sound and winning at age 12.  His babies are winning too.  He is currently being shown by his amateur owner.  His disposition is second to none.  Look on his page for pics of him and his get.

His dam is our excellent lesson horse Gussie.  She is athletic and stout with a very strong work ethic.  She has done it all - western pleasure, team penning, barrels, & taught numerous kids and adults how to ride. 

George's foaling story:

Gussie is an experienced broodmare.  She had bagged up about two weeks ago (which means her udder had filled up with milk.)  Each evening she'd act a bit cranky, as if she might be entering stage 1 of labor.  Normally she's very quiet, but each evening she'd raise her tail a lot, turn around to look at her belly, shift her weight back and forth from one hind leg to the other, things like that.  Just enough action to make me stay up all night watching over her.

She still had not waxed up (which means gotten some dried waxy looking milk stuck to her nipples), and while a lot of mares wax up before they foal, some do not.  Just in case she wasn't going to, I watched her every night, even though there was no wax.

I had received a camera set-up for Christmas (Thank You Patrick!) and I got that working so I didn't have to always be outside in the cold to watch her.  But I still couldn't sleep much because I'd want to check the tv screen every 15 minutes or so.  But at least I was warm.

Then on Jan 30 Gussie had wax in the morning.  She was more agitated all day, although it was still pretty minimal, nothing compared to some other mares I've seen.  I watched her all day (and got a lot of barn chores done!)  Then in the evening I was sure she was going to foal.  She kicked with her hind legs a few times, and she was walking around more in her stall, along with the shifting of the weight and the raised tail.

It was only 34 degrees outside but I was so sure she'd foal that I spent a few hours outside her stall.  Brrr!  Then she settled down and just slept for a while.  Finally at 4 AM I was pretty sure that she was not going to foal that night after all.  I still watched her pretty closely.  I hung around, and then fed at 8, and she hadn't been acting agitated at all - no tail lifting, nothing - since around 3:30 AM.  So at 9 AM I went in and got some toast.  At 9:30 AM my daughter called on my cell phone - my mom was out checking on the horses while I ate, and Gussie's foal was born already!  That little stinker! 

Thank goodness it all went well, no malpresentations or anything.  I ran outside and he was shivvering.  Allison was already in his stall toweling him off.  I cleaned off Gussie a bit with a towel also.  Soon he was standing up.  It only took him about 20 minutes to get up.  Once he was up, he never fell.  He was not interested in nursing but he was very interested in Allison and I.  He followed us all around and nickered to us.  Gussie got pretty bossy with him and forced him to head back toward her udder.  After I dipped the umbilical stump and cleaned the stall, we went out and watched from the aisle.

He passed meconium after about 1 hour.  He nursed after about 2.5 hours.  He ran around and played.  Whenever he'd run, Gussie would get really mad at him and toss her head around and pin her ears and she'd herd him back to her.  Gussie seems to be doing fine. 

So, here are the pics:

Here is the nice clean foaling stall, on Jan 30:

Here is how Gussie looked the day before, on Jan 30:

And here he is!

Yes, he has a suckling reflex and seems to have normal mouth conformation:

Trying to stand up:

Passing meconium.  If they strain too much you can give them an enema.

His blanket, but it's not that cold, so we take it off:

Gussie is really mad that he isn't bothering to nurse, so I try to get him interested.  He'd rather play and investigate everything.

Gussie is happy now, he's nursing for the first time!

He has a lot of energy.  It's been about 3 hours and he hasn't tired out yet.