2004 APHA filly ~ Cloudys Little Jewel ~ "Twinkie"
Cloudy Doc Otoe x BRS Kool Jewel
bay tobiano

Newest pictures at the bottom of the page!
This was her birthday:



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Twinkie is sold!  Congratulations to Melissa Hankins!

Twinkie's sire just won the senior open reining in Carson City, and he also won the amateur reining!  This is on top of his existing performance record.  In addition, his 2001 son Cloudy River just took Reserve Champion at a big West Coast Reining Horse Association show.  These are some good bloodlines on top!

Her dam is a lovely, athletic, smart, light and responsive member of our lesson string.  She's by Scottish Bart and out of a Doc's Remedy granddaughter.  We weren't going to sell this beautiful girl, but we've had long-standing lamenesses with big vet bills in some of our riding horses, and it'd be nice to pay off at least part of them! 

Twinkie would be best for somebody who's had experience with foals.  She is a bit more reactive and athletic than I'd suggest if you are new to foals.  But if you've been doing this a while and/or are working with a trainer, she'd be fine and a great prospect for something athletic and demanding.  Her dam is one of the most naturally athletic cowhorse type horses I've seen, and she is on the hotter side - great if you know how to channel it!  Twinkie is currently holding up all her feet, leading and backing in-hand, circling (not really lunging as she's a bit young for that, but she's learning to follow a feel and circle around her handler) and being ponied over various terrain.  She has a lovely floaty trot and can collect and extend her gaits nicely.  She has had one bath and was not fond of that at all.

The newest pictures of Twinkie are at the bottom.  These are in order from when she was born until recently:

Sorry for the bad low light pictures!  My camera is no good in low light.

Born at 4:15 PM (yes, PM) on March 21

For almost a month I had kidded that Jewel would foal on Saturday, March 21, when we had to be at a rodeo for my daughter to perform.  Sure enough, that's exactly what she did.  My dad Lyle was home with her so she wasn't alone (we try to never leave them alone when they are within 40 or so days of their due date.) 

It is interesting that this filly's markings are similar in placement to Jewel's last foal - different sire, in that case a homozygous for tobiano black and white.  Here's a pic of that foal, Tinkerbell:

The genetics behind the expression of tobiano are not well understood at all.  Twinkie's sire has had a few louder foals (I think the loudest might be Junior) but he has a few minimals running around too.  Some people speculate the expression is related to temperature in the uterus.  Some people speculate that there are restriction genes that control how much white a foal gets.  Jewel's '05 foal will be by another homozygous tobiano stallion, and I'm curious to see how it'll be marked.  If it's minimal too, then maybe Jewel carries the "minimal" restriction gene


March 27, Twinkie is 6 days old


April 1, Twinkie is eleven days old

Finally, new pictures of Twinkie!

The following set are from August 20, 2004


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