Meet Gunsmokes Bug, aka Mowgli!
APHA minimal white sorrel overo
2003 colt


Mowgli is sold

One day old in this pic:




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This little guy was born on May 24 at 12:25 AM. His dam is Jewel Smoke and his sire is Buggy. Mowgli has a few full siblings and they have all been outstanding. They all have that race/cow combination that's so popular for gymkhana. Buggy has quite a record as a performer (race winnings, barrel racing winnings, and roping winnings) and Missy is an outstanding mare with big dreams for the cowhorse futurity when she was young, but she got hurt and was put into the broodmare band. Her pedigree speaks for itself! Under saddle she is very quiet and not spooky. She's more of a serious-minded horse and not hot at all.

He's 21 days old in the picture below:

Foaling story:

Missy was getting huge, and she had bagged up about two weeks before her due date. She is a very calm, sedate mare who doesn't move around very much. She also doesn't lay down much. The week before she foaled I only saw her lay down 4 or so times. Pat noticed on a Sunday evening that she had waxed up. She's had lots of foals, so we didn't expect her to wax up until she was close to foaling. At 9 PM or so I saw her kick with her hind leg. She hardly ever does that, so that was a good sign. Then around 10 PM she started walking circles in her paddock. She never does that, so we were almost positive the foal was coming that night. She was very unhappy with her neighbor, so I moved the neighbor.

Sure enough at about 12:10 AM her water broke. Then there was a tangle of legs and a long nose. The hooves were pointing the correct direction and were slightly spaced so one was out further than the other, and the nose did come as well, so no worries of a malpresentation. Missy laid down then and started pushing. Once he was out to the belly they laid like that for a while, and then the foal struggled to move and that broke the umbilical cord. He was up in 45 minutes and was nursing in 1 hour 45 minutes.

More pictures:

The next day: