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This is Buck, my golden retriever, at age 3.  He was abandoned when he was about 1.5 years old, and I was lucky enough to find him at the vet's office where he was staying after a tech caught him - before he had to go to the pound.  His "official" name is Callie's Buckaroo CD.  CD means Companion Dog.  It's an obedience title that we won competing in AKC obedience events. 

This picture was taken in 1999 or so.


Another of Buck, again 1999 or so.
Buck and Beauty, 1999.
Buck and Beauty before we moved to the country, at the Point Isabel Dog Park, years before Lacey Peterson's body was found there!  1999
Beauty kisses Buck, 1999.
These two are of Buck in February of 2007.  He's getting older...
Beauty!  Beauty was a rescue too, and is either all greyhound or greyhound/lab.  Opinions vary!  She sure barks a lot and loves to sleep inside.  Taken in 1999.
The next four are Beauty, January 08
Snickers!  His mom was a boston terrier, and his dad is mostly boston plus something else, chihuahua probably.  He's 9 weeks old in this picture.


A close up.
Taken in August of '05.  Yes, he does think he is the king.
Snickers moves the horses around, 4/7/2007
Pumpkin... We have a lot of cats here but not very many pictures of them.
"Baby Cat", October 07
"Baby Cat", November 07
"Baby Cat", November 07, he is very friendly so hard to get photos of!
Danny and the parakeets, tentatively named Jack and Kate, Feb 08
Close up of the parakeets
Danny and his fish.  Thanks Sherry and Percy for the fish!  He's doing great, and we just got him this new setup today.  You can't really see the fish but he's in there at the top between the filter intake and the castle.  Feb 08