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Taffy ~ 2005 Welsh cross pony gelding ~ $2800

Taffy is a 2005 Welsh cross gelding and as cute as can be. Bay with an adorable face, 13.1 hh, great conformation, sound and barefoot. Up to date on body work, deworming, teeth floating.  in full work so ready for you to come try out!  Great mover, very unspooky under saddle, excellent on the trail, and loves to jump.  Has been shown in a few gymkhanas and has a lot of talent for them.  My son, who is a very timid rider, won a daily high point on him and cantered on him for the first time.  Never seems to get hot, no matter how we push him.  He's not only been competitive, he has also done birthday parties with toddlers, and he's an experienced beginner thru advanced lesson horse.  Great for lunge line lessons.  Extremely gentle on the ground.  Lots of new and older videos below.  ONLY selling due to a huge change in our financial situation.



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Taffy is apparently done with kids.  That is why I have lowered his price.  Recently when people have some to see him for possible purchase, he has been cranky and hard to steer when ridden independently by younger kids.  He LOVES to be told to move out and go fast, and he does not like timid riders who hang on the reins and aren't aggressive with him.  He is very obedient to ME when doing lessons and birthday parties with little kids on him, and very obedient to advanced riders who excite him and get him moving, but I guess he's had it with timid younger kids riding him on their own.  Luckily at 13.1 hh he's big enough for teenagers and smaller adults.  He wants to chase cows and run at gymkhanas and swim in the lake! 

Look ma, no hands!  October, 2012

July 5, 2012 - video below


Video - jumping on July 5, 2012 and ponying another horse in May, 2012
He'd jump around in a halter too, and we do have a western snaffle he's fine in, and he goes in a curb bit also.  He happened to have on this Reinsman hackamore for this video.


Video from April. bareback mounting, walk/trot/canter, jumping, and going down the driveway and under the tree:


May, 2012, Taffy is great at ponying other horses. 

May 2012, Taffy is so sweet.

Fall 2011:  Passenger lesson at the trot, then some gymkhana clips with my son who is a terrified very timid rider.  They won a bunch of ribbons including high point of the day in their class. 



Fall 2011 photos from the play day with Daniel:

Big smile for getting the ball in!

In the lake with Kayla, fall 2011:

At Lake Camanche with Stephanie riding:

Older video is here!  This video is from before we bought him in February of 2010.

Video from March 2011 working in our totally flooded covered arena:



Below are pics and video from his trail ride at Lake Camanche in October 2010. 
He did not spook once and went ahead on his own and stayed back while the others left him and he was GREAT with all of it:


He's the bay second from the left.  These were at Lake Camanche.

Pics from April, 2010:

Pics from March, 2010:

All these pics below are his old owner's: