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Summary of prices

Lesson prices (please check the lesson page for descriptions of the lessons)

These are the new 2013 prices, still lower than the 2009 prices! :-)



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Private lesson: $45
Semi-private lesson: $35
After school program, our horse: $35
After school program, your horse boarded here: $25
Lessons for boarders: $10 off
Coaching off-site: private treaty
Pony ride, ages 4.5 and up, half hour: $28
Shared session, two riders, one horse, one hour: $55

Boarding prices (please check the boarding page for descriptions of the different types of board and what's included)

Stall $400/month
Stall/paddock $400/month
Outdoor group board $300/month
Trailer parking free for boarders only
Daily individual board $20/day

Training/exercise prices

Groundwork program - monthly, three sessions per week $250 (in addition to board)
Groundwork program - monthly, five sessions per week, can include riding as appropriate $375 (in addition to board)
Groundwork session - one hour $45
Exercise riding $15/ride (must schedule at least 4 per month)
Lunging or round penning $15/25 minutes
Hand walking $15/15 minutes

Other services (all prices assume we are using your supplies)

Hauling to events: if yours is one of four horses $20/30 miles
Hauling a single horse (Please note that I do not haul for the public;
Hauling is for my boarders and students only)
Waiting at clinic with horse/handling horse at clinic for vet (free for horses in training) $15/half hour
Hold for vet or farrier (normal trim or vet procedure lasting 15 minute or less) $10
Hold for vet or farrier, special circumstances (sedation, restraint, training, 15 minutes or less) $25
Hold for vet or farrier, additional time $10/15 minute increments
Oral medication added to feed $5
Oral medication given orally $10
Bandage $40
Cold hosing/feet soaking $15/15 minutes
Extra hay feeding $50/month
Brush and fly spray $5
Blanket on or off $8 per incident
Monthly flat fee for blanketing as necessary $40
Bathe $15
Fly spray - once $3
Fly masks - put back on, daily free
Birthday party prices  
  • Pony rides, one horse, per hour: $60

  • Grooming, petting and leading before the ride: $15

  • Farm experience, after the rides, per half hour: $20

  • Second horse for larger group, per hour: $50

  • Pony riding can be split into half hours after the first hour for half the hourly price

  • Tables for cake/food/presents, per hour: $30

see http://allisonacres.org/birthday.html for more info