Point Isabel off leash dog park

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Point Isabel is an off leash dog park located in Richmond, CA.  To go there, get yourself to the south Richmond area by getting to and taking either the 580 or the 80.  (Richmond is north of the Bay Bridge, north of Berkeley, in the north-east bay.)  Then exit at Central Ave. from either freeway.  Go west on Central.  You will drive past a Costco, and then the road will curve to the right.  You'll see the sign and the parking lots.

Point Isabel runs along the San Francisco Bay, and there are great views of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, and the Blue Angels when they are out.  The park area is huge.  There are fields, blacktop trails, dirt trails, rocks to climb and places to swim.  There is a channel that is VERY muddy at low tide.  Even when the channel is muddy, the bay is not, so my dogs always go for a swim there last, to rinse off.  There is also a hose area for rinsing your dog, but it is not located at the main parking lot.  It's at the secondary parking lot, so if you want to rinse your dogs, it might be better to park there.  However, if your dogs are good, you can rinse them off there and then walk them back to the main parking lot on the grass, away from the muddy channel, keeping them somewhat clean until you get to your car.

At the main parking lot there is a store that sells dog treats, tennis balls, and has dog washing services.  You can wash your dog yourself for a fee, or the person who works there will wash your dog for you, for a higher fee.  This store is called Mudpuppies, and the washes book up quickly, so be sure to sign up for a time when you first arrive, if you want to wash your dog before you go home.  Mudpuppies isn't open every day, and they also aren't open very late in the day.  Next time I go I'll write down their hours.

Of course, there are rules about scooping poop.  Bags are provided, but a donation is requested, or you can bring your own bags.  There are also rules about dogs digging holes; owners are required to fill in any that their dog might dig.  There are gophers there that a lot of dogs find fascinating, and a lot of holes get dug.  A lot of poop goes unscooped, too.  I don't work for the board of directors of this park, nor do I work for the parks department, nor do I work for Mudpuppies, so please don't take any of what I say about rules as absolute.  This is just what I remember from going there almost every week!

Dogfights are rare, in my experience, but they can happen.  Keep that in mind before you decide to go.  My golden was attacked by a coonhound and suffered a few puncture wounds in his neck.  There will oftentimes be fliers on the bulletin board about recent dog attacks.  But all in all I've had only the one incident in about, oh, 60 visits.

I love going there, not only because it is so fun for my dogs but also because of all the wonderful dogs I get to see.  The last time I was there I saw:

  • three Basenjis
  • one Newfoundland
  • three Briards
  • three Irish Wolfhounds
  • two standard poodles
  • one Shiba (that came right to me, climbed up me, and kissed my face!)
  • several rottweilers
  • five Dobermans
  • several German Shepherd Dogs
  • several great danes
  • several greyhounds
  • one whippet
  • one Italian greyhound
  • one Bichon Frise
  • four cocker spaniels
  • one English Springer spaniel
  • one brittany
  • seven golden retrievers
  • many, many labs
  • one yorkie
  • one Jack Russel Terrier
  • three border collies
  • six Australian Shepherds
  • one Irish setter
  • one Gordon setter
  • three Rodesian Ridgebacks
  • two dalmatians
  • one beagle
  • one bloodhound
  • one German Shorthair Pointer
  • one English Pointer
  • one Welsh terrier
  • one cairn terrier
  • two border terriers
  • one Airedale terrier
  • one Bedlington terrier (first one I've ever seen there)
  • one Norwich terrier
  • three Siberian huskies
  • one Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
  • one Bernese Mountain Dog
  • one Mini Pinscher
  • three chihuahuas
  • two pugs
  • two Japanese Chins
  • two Boston Terriers
  • one Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • two weimaraners
  • three vizslas
  • one bulldog
  • two chows
  • two Australian Cattle Dogs
  • two Belgian Sheepdogs (beautiful!)
  • one collie
  • one Old English sheepdog
  • one Bouvier
  • two corgis (the blond ones)
  • three Alaskan Malamutes
  • plus about 40 mixed breeds!
  • This was on a weekend.  You don't see as many dogs on a weekday.  :-)

    More pictures coming soon.  Thanks for reading!