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Paint the Bar "Rain" $3500

Rain is sold!
2000 APHA mare by Freckle Face Smoke
Freckle Face Smoke, APHA, (NRCHA $47,249) Res. Champion NRCHA Open Snaffle Bit Futurity, NRCHA Open Stallion Stakes Champion, NRCHA Hackamore Maturity Champion, NRCHA Hackamore Classic Champion (twice), 4th Overall Reno Championship Futurity, NRCHA Open Hackamore Classic Reserve Champion, High Desert Open Snaffle Bit Futurity Co-Reserve Champion, NRCHA Superior Reined Cowhorse

Rain's sire is the highest money earning paint stallion in National Reined Cow Horse History.  He's the only horse to win the NRCHA Hackamore Classic two years in a row, and he's an NRCHA Superior Reined Cow Horse.  See her sire here.  Her sire is by Freckle Faced Kid and out of Bonnie Smoke, who is the #1 NRCHA leading all time producer.



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Rain is a sorrel tobiano who also has splash or sabino or both. Her face markings look sabino but she does have two blue eyes which could be from splash. Rain does not carry the agouti allele. She is also negative for frame overo so no lethal whites if you breed her.

Rain has been my most steady, most amazing lesson horse and birthday party horse and pony ride horse ever.  She is ready to retire from doing lessons full time.  She LOVES trail riding and is great on the trail.  She is perfect for an extra horse if you need one to just pull out once every so often and put your beginner friends on but I want her to have a break from the constant beginners banging around on her and the endless circles in the arena.  She has never ever done anything wrong or dangerous even with breaks of weeks in between being ridden.  I love her and it is with a heavy heart that I'm putting her up for sale, hoping for a home where she can do some stuff that's more fun than here.  I have way too many horses and she's the one who's been doing this the longest so I want her to have a break from it.

She is VERY lazy except with great riders who know how to get her moving.  Which means she is very safe.  She has won ribbons at gymkhanas, has taken advanced beginners cattle sorting and trail riding, has been in a drill team, has been in parades, and like I said, she is very very very SAFE.  Nobody has ever fallen off her and she only spooks about twice per year and then it's just a tiny look and snort. Lunges, ground drives, does all the Parelli games, jumps (when feeling energetic enough), rides bareback with a halter or in any tack, has never kicked or bitten or stepped on anybody or anything like that.  Used to know all the reining moves but is pretty slow now.  Still can turn on the forehand, leg yield, has a super nice stop and always gets the correct lead (when you can get her to canter that is. :-) 

Trailers, bathes, clips, has had several small children accidentally walk UNDER her to get to the other side, and has taught around 150 people how to ride.  Nickers when she sees you coming, always easy to catch, very submissive with other horses, and not buddy sour at all - can lead or follow and horses can come or go while she's being ridden (she's awfully slow for being in the lead though, but she's certainly not afraid to do it!  :-)   Pony horses off her, pony her, paint her up for Halloween, put ribbons in her tail, hop on bareback with a piece of baling twine around her neck... She's your gal.

She has been kept up to date with deworming, sand clear, teeth floating, vaccinations, body work, barefoot trimming.  Our barefoot trimmer keeps her feet in great shape but they do have a tendency to go wacky with farriers who are not as good.   The way you'll know is to look at her feet now and then see how they look after your guy trims them the first time and then you can decide if your guy is doing a good job.  Along with being an extremely easy keeper who does best on low NSC feeds, she also seems like she gets a tummy ache when she gets too fat, so I hit her with UlcerGuard for a few days every 4 to 6 months and that seems to help.

I don't really advocate breeding horses in this terrible economy, but Rain was a great mom and her baby was stunning even though the stallion was just a backyard stallion who was boarded here, and her bloodlines are great.  Her foal lives here and is also a great minded horse.  Rain would also make a great buddy horse who you can still ride even very infrequently since she remains safe after breaks - as long as you know you can't hop on her for the first time in weeks and go galloping around!  But if you need a buddy horse who can still be ridden by you or your friends, and you don't want one that you have to keep schooled to be safe, she's your gal.  

I've had her since 2003 and we have a very close and special relationship.  She is my partner in helping people learn how to ride and I appreciate her and let her know that I appreciate her very much.  I don't mean lots of food treats as she can't have most of them anyway due to the sugar, but I treat her with respect and tell her that she's a great asset to my program.  She likes that.  :-)  I just have too many horses and like I said, I think she's ready to retire from the daily grind of teaching beginners how to ride.  I am looking for a new owner who will appreciate her as much as I do.  Approved home only!  I also want to be notified if you decide to ever sell her.  I might buy her back!

Rain's 2005 filly: http://www.allisonacres.org/rain05filly.html

There are other videos of Rain on Youtube as well.  Just check out allisonacres on Youtube.

August 26, 2011: Rain goes in the neck ring for the first time:

Video made August 26, 2011.  Daniel is very afraid of riding but he LOVES making videos, especially when he's doing a sales pitch.  I kept the audio in since it's so cute, even though some of it is pretty goofy.  Daniel was the first one to ride her in the neck ring tonight for this video.  As you can see, she is very safe, but pretty bored with the whole thing.  The video is long.  It starts with my son brushing her and picking out her feet.  Then he mounts and rides.  Then he rides in the neck ring.  Then he does stupid and dangerous tricks on her including standing up.  Then he gets her to follow him when he's on the ground, even leaving the gate for him.  :-)


Video made after Daniel got off, with Sarah riding her.  She does walk/trot in the neck ring and some turns on the forehand/haunches, leg yields, and then Sarah dismounts off her butt and climbs underneath her a few times. 


July 2009 for the parade, Rain is third from left:

Rain with Danny at the gymkhana, Feb 08:

Rain with Danny, November 25, 2007:

Halloween '08: Ninjas!

Rain decorated for our Halloween party, October '07:


From 7/22/07 at the Extreme Ranch Trials, with Stephanie riding:


Rain, Q and Tarzan in the back

Rain with one of my students, 08/06:

Rain and her filly from '05:

Desensitization, taken August 3, 2004:


Pictures from a play day, October 11, 2003:


Playing around the barrels with Bo:

Almost ready to head home:

Rain doing a leadline lesson, January, 2004:

June, 2003, right after we got her:


May 13, 2008:  First horse I "tap".  I don't use the technique as I don't like how it contradicts the goals of lateral flexion, but it was fun to do it once.