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Here are more pictures from the Extreme Ranch Trials, taken on 7/22/07

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Here is Forrest, getting ready to work the teeter totter.  Half our horses were very afraid, and the other half were mildly interested.  In Forrest's case, he's just learning to step up onto platforms - once he did that, he wasn't TOO bothered by the tipping. 

Here he steps off sideways and gets in my "bubble", so...

I send him back around and ask him to try again:

Here, a nice straight exit:

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of Rain's first time on the teeter totter - with her rider up.  She FREAKED out, jumped straight into the air and scrambled with all fours.  So we worked her in hand a bit and she got much better.

This was Q's worst obstacle but he eventually handled it without freaking out too bad.

Here is some of the water obstacle work.  Pluto was not too difficult.

Pluto and Rain:

Q in the water, Rain behind, and Forrest looking on.  He never did get in the water.  Instead...

... he did a lot of this.  Oh well, his owner doesn't call him the Prima Donna for nothin'.

He was much better with anything that sort of kind of might have resembled a jump.  He used to do the jumpers, not the cross country!

Jumping barrels: there are a few of these in a row to jump:

Here is their "back thru the bales" obstacle:

And here is their "walk thru the scary shade cloth" obstacle.  You can also see the mailbox obstacle on the left - you ride up and open it and remove the bell and ring it.  It is amazingly alarming for some horses.

And a nice bridge to walk on: