2004 APHA colt  ~  Command the Clouds, barn name "Junior"

Cloudy Doc Otoe x Coyote Commanderette
black tovero

Junior is sold!  Congrats to his new owners, who also own another colt by the same sire.




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Taken 4/11/04 in the evening,
when Junior was about 15 hours old

Taken 4/17:
Ew, water.



This one was taken 4/16 when Junior was 5 days old:

Junior was born at 3:30 AM on Easter Sunday.  Slinky is an experienced broodmare and did her job with a minimum of fuss.  Since Slinky is so experienced with having foals, it's very easy to handle Junior.  He's friendly and curious.  Here are more 15-hour-old pics:

Here are the three pictures that came out of his birth night. 
My camera doesn't work well in low light conditions.


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