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AA Rowdy QT

APHA bay tobiano colt ~ foaled June 16 at 11:30 PM

QT Bueno Bar x Tillys Rowdy Yankee

Pictures and story below



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Below are his foaling pictures.  Click here for his second set of pics.

Tilly is a maiden mare.  She carried very high her whole pregnancy, often making us wonder if there was still anything in there!  Her last two weeks she got a bit bigger but nothing like the other mares.  She waxed up 4 days before foaling.  Her udder had never really "bagged up" much but she did look a bit fuller about a week before foaling.

I started watching her on the camera at night on June 5.  She was due June 20.  She never acted agitated or anything.  On June 14 I saw her swish her tail once and shift her weight back and forth on her hinds once.  The next night I saw her do both those things again, once each.  I watched her a lot, every 20 minutes or so I'd see what she was doing, and most of the time when she finished eating her hay she'd just lay down and sleep until around 5 AM, when she'd stand up until breakfast.

The night she foaled I had not started watching her on the camera yet.  I feed at 11 PM or midnight, and I was out to feed at 11 that night.  She was all sweated up, mostly her neck and shoulders and head/face - sweat was dripping off her face.  Then as I watched, her water started breaking slowly.  It was almost like she was waiting for me to come out!  :-)  I called my mom and daughter and they came out.

This was a very slow labor.  Her water continued to break slowly.  She laid down and got up a couple times but never in an agitated fashion.  She never kicked at her belly or swung her head or anything.  She was the calmest mare I've ever seen foal.  Only one foot was coming out, and it stayed out to the pastern for about 6 minutes.  Then it came out some more with no sign of the other foot so we got her up and had her walk around in her stall a bit.  The next time the foot made an appearance, the other foot was there also, with that hoof even with the cannon of the other leg. 

Then she laid down.  She was a good pusher and I helped a tiny bit until the shoulders were free.  I broke the fetal membranes - I have done that on almost every foaling as it never seems like it happens fast enough.  The foal started breathing, and then immediately trying to nurse on anything he could find, including trying to suck up all the amniotic fluid that was pooling around him inside the fetal membrane bag.  I broke the membranes some more so the fluid would drain away. 

Mom and baby lay still for a very long time with the foal's hind legs inside the dam.  After about 10 minutes he got so he was farther away from her and his umbilical cord had not yet broke.  I waited about another 10 minutes and then broke it myself.  It was pulled very tight but just wasn't breaking. 

Baby was in no hurry to get up, and neither was mom.  After about 30 minutes the placenta was delivered as the mare remained laying down.  She stood up as it was coming out and then went to eat some hay.  She was not afraid of her baby or overly concerned - she'd nicker a tiny bit to him every once in a while and lick him and bite him a little bit to try to encourage him to get up, but then she'd go get some more food.  He stood up in about an hour and 10 minutes.  He was straining to poop so after watching that happen a few times we went ahead and gave him an enema.  Then he pooped!  Quite a bit in fact!

Finally he was nursing.  He was born SO thin.  And he was definitely the smallest foal we've ever had.  But by the next day he was more filled in.  So far Rowdy isn't the best name as he's not really all that rowdy!  But it's cute and since his mom's sire is Rowdy Yankee it's fitting.

So far, two days later, Tilly is being a very good mom.  She never got upset about him nursing like some maiden mares, and she's only mildly concerned when we work with him.  Mostly she wants a carrot when we come in.