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"Buster" - 9 year old registered AHQA gelding ~ $2800 ~ pedigree and video below

I have way lowered his price due to the economy.  This is a horse who 5 years ago would have sold for $8000.  A lot of horse here for an experienced rider.

UPDATE: in pro training here at our place and doing great, developing some slow versions of his gaits, bridling better, learning/remembering his lateral work.

Lots of videos - click here for his youtube playlist: Buster - Willy Double Breeze

Sold! Congratulations Morgan!



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"Buster" is a fabulous quarter horse gelding. He is around 15-2 hh.  Use him for sorting, team penning, trail, ranch work, versatility, turnback, gymkhana, barrel racing, roping, endurance. He worked a ranch, did the big gathers, did some ranch roping, knew all the reining moves and had been started on barrels when we got him. We used him as a lesson horse and although he is not a beginner horse he does very well with my supervision. He can get strong at the lope (he loves to go!) and he can be hard to bridle due to some previous experience (bridles very well now with a treat in your hand also!) 

Pro trained, and tuned up: He went to the Wright Ranch in Jackson for a 2.5 month tune up to work on the finer points of bending, using himself properly, and rating his speed, and he did a lot of turnback for their cutting program. Came home in January.

He had a lot of body work done by Synergy Equine, is barefoot and sound, had his teeth done, Panacur Power Pack done. Great on the trail, very well broke under saddle, absolutely no buck or rear or anything else like that. Trailers great, no problems there. Great in the group, great in a stall. Very beautiful horse, stout with great conformation.

He also jumped in my lesson program and he's willing and happy to do it. I never intended to sell him but the economy is forcing it. He is a great horse who deserves a great, sensitive, loving owner.  Although probably not a problem with an experienced rider, Buster does greatly prefer women.  I just found out there are some pretty competitive kids in endurance racing nowaways and he would be great for that.  He loves kids but it has to be a kid who knows how to ride since he loves to go fast.  Not to imply he's crazy or that he jigs or runs away, not at all.  He just loves to go when you ask him to go.  He's very happy to walk around on the buckle also, bareback or saddled.  He's just not a lazy horse at all.  Great extended trot!

Everybody asks: he has not raced and is not patterned on barrels.  He was started on them over a year ago at his previous owner's place.  I think he'd make a great barrel horse.

Taken May 9, 2009:

Taken June 9, 2008:

Taken June 24, 2008, with Madison riding:

Taken in Jan '09 at Steve Wright's.  Yes, he is sound on this gravel.  :-)



A special video of Buster with Daniel, March 27 '09: Here I'm using Buster with my son Daniel for some "hippotherapy" type work.  Daniel has bi-polar disorder, ADHD, and sensory integration disorder.  Here's what the Youtube info says: 

My son Danny works Buster. Several interesting things in this video. For one, Buster is the most nervous horse we have here, at least for groundwork. But he LOVES Danny. I don't know what the deal was with Buster not lifting his foot for Danny; I really think he just had no clue a child would be asking him to lift his foot. But the point is how determined Danny was and how he did not get upset or frustrated - very different from the norm for him! Horses can really bring out the best in us. Now as for my son Danny, he has bi-polar, ADHD, sensory integration disorder and apraxia of speech. You can see how all these issues can be overcome when working with horses. He is motivated to stick to it, to not overreact, to be careful with his body language and his energy level and how he takes and gives space to another living creature, he is willing to touch strange-feeling substances (like the horse's chestnut and whiskers), to not be overly loud, and he really pays attention -- all things he has a lot of trouble with under other circumstances. He also has to negotiate terrain changes (up and down the pea gravel) in order to stay in the right position. These are great skills for any kid to practice, and especially for our more challenged kids. Plus he is obviously proud of his accomplishments especially at the end. :-)